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Random Thoughts from the Road

Below you will find a sample of the writings in this collection of poetry, prose and journal excerpts. It was composed during a fifteen year period that I was mostly nomadic. I’ve left the writings in their original state, in the hopes that they will convey the feelings of the time better not cleaned up.

Thanks for taking the time, and sharing the road with me.



Sun in my eyes, wind in my hair, 

Reach in my pocket, but I’ve no money there. 

Don’t have any food or a bed for the night, 

But I can’t help thinking this is just right.

You think I’ve gone mad, and laugh at my ways, 

But this life is free – I like it that way.

Jill’s covered with sweat, the sun’s trying to beat her, 

But she laughs it off; her beauty runs deeper.

In the heat for an hour and not a ride yet, 

My shoulders are stinging, my body is wet.

The bus comes along, but we don’t have the fare, 

We get on regardless and fight down the stares.

The buses are cool, and if worse comes to worse, 

We’ll relax for an hour before regaining our thirst.

The driver lets us stay, my bad luck streak may falter, 

But he searches my bags and finds my last dollar.

I sit on the floor, my shorts torn at the seams, 

I may have no money, but I’m living my dreams.

(Nergav desert, Israel – September 86)





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